Living Paranormal Magazine was started by Helena & Alex King of Boleyn Paranormal in the UK, with the help of friend, Ryan C Jones. Ryan is a podcast presenter and runs a haunted location in Virginia called the 360 Houses. 

Their goal was to create a free online magazine that bought members of the paranormal community together while also being an interesting read and a bad ass magazine. 

The first issue was released in February 2017 followed by a new issue every two months. Recently we have changed how often an issue is released. From February 2019 it was decided to turn LPM into a quarterly magazine so a new edition is released every three months; starting on April 1st. There will also be the odd special edition about a specific subject. 

Our first Halloween special.

Currently Lori & Kathy are taking an hiatus away from the paranormal due to ill health, but they will be back soon. We wish them both well. 

Another of our original writers is the talented, Lee A. Forman, who was already a highly thought of writer in the horror publishing world, before joining LPM.

In late 2018 LPM were lucky enough to welcome Nigel Webster to the team. He is the founder of Specter Ghost Seekers in the UK and has investigated with Helena & Alex numerous times. We were also able to welcome April & Kerix from the USA who are hosts on the Vibe Network with Ryan. We are so pleased to have Nigel, April and Kerix join us.

Joining the team this year we have, true crime enthusiast and paranormal investigator, Annie "Weebs" Weible. Who is part of the Resident Undead team and helps run Madison Seminary in Ohio. We also have Josh Bender, the founder of Deadlite, a paranormal investigator and photographer. He will be supplying us with some stunning photographs. 

Our first ever issue!

We had to make this change because all the people that work on the magazine have a lot of work to do; not just limited to LPM. So this means we can be more reliable and keep up the quality of our magazine.

One of the great things about the magazine is that we have been able to work with people who we can call not just our colleagues but also our friends. 

Originally when the magazine was set up our Horror Fiction Editor was Ian Sputnik but last year he made the difficult decision to leave as he became one of the owners of Sanitarium, a well known horror fiction magazine. We are still close with Ian though and he is responsible for our special collectors editions. However we were lucky enough to have Joseph Swiger to take over the role left by Ian. We also have, Lori Miars and Kathy Anderson of NOVA-SPIS investigation team in Virginia, USA. Also close friends of ours. 

Our special logo dedicated to those lost because of War.

Since starting LPM there has been over 3000 people that have downloaded one of our issues at least once. And our fan base continues to grow, which we couldn't be more grateful for. The future looks bright for LPM. As said, with each issue our magazine changes and evolves. Each issue gets better and better, at least we hope it does; and we hope our readers agree. LPM will always be free to download from our website.

Thank you for visiting Living Paranormal Magazine.

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