If you wish to write an article for LPM then use the form below to tell us what you want to write about; with some details. We do not object to people outside of our writing team, writing for us. We just need to make sure it is something we are interested in or that it doesn't conflict with something we already have. This includes if you wish to submit a true story.

If you wish to be interviewed about your team, location or just yourself then please email us with your details, including a bio, and why you want the interview. 

If you wish to submit evidence, art or photographs to be featured in an issue then please email us the images with some details. 



You can also contact us via Facebook if you wish to be interviewed or have an image you wish to submit.

Please allow up to 48hrs for us to reply. Sometimes we may get a bit busy so you may have to wait longer. 

Horror Fiction

If you are a horror writer then please email us your story with a bio. We tend to prefer short stories that are a max of 4000 words. However if they are longer we may publish your story in two parts over two issues, if we feel it is worth it. Please use the special horror email to send us your stories.

What Do You Want To Write About?

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